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The best body progress tracker for men and women


Do you have body related goals? Bodybuilding, weight loss / gain, getting fit, etc.

The Remeasure app is designed to help you track changes in your body measurements and achieve your goals.

Effective Browsing
Presents measures in place on a body silhouette.
Calendar highlights entry days by underlining them.
Displays all your recorded measurements from a selected day on a single screen.
Slide the VIEW screen to the left/right to see the previous/next entries, even if they are not consecutive.
Convenient Progress Graphs and Tables
Overview graph for each measure shows start, target (if set) and trends.
Progress bar chart for all measures shows start, target (if set) and trends for a time span.
Graphs are interactive and zoomable.
Tables for all measures are overall progress, total loss/gain and notes.
Selectable periods are one month, three months, one year and all.
Effortless Measurement Entry
28 measures are visually presented on the body silhouette, enabling information entry in any order; each can be activated or deactivated.
Each measure has its own target
Daily note to record feelings, activities, thoughts …
Keyboard and sliding rulers input facility for easy entry of numbers; metric and imperial units – UK, US, EU.
Calculators & Health Bars
Calculators: Body Frame, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference, Waist to Height Ratio, Waist to Hip Ratio and Body Fat Percentage.
Health bars are color-coded and highlight low and high health risks.
The health bars indicate your risk ratios based on the measurements entered so that you can see the risk areas and take precautions.
Articles for each calculator provide additional information and references for further reading.
With flexible interval, day and time options to help you plan and record your measurements regularly.
Custom Measures
12 custom measures with flexible unit type: length or mass.
Name them, order them as you like; they are displayed under the body silhouette in a table for easy access.
Set targets, view graphs, activate/deactivate custom measures – just like the built-in measures.
Flexible Data Manipulation
Two ways of importing your existing data:
1. add new data only (append)
2. add new and override old data (merge)
The app validates data entries and creates an import report.
The import template includes instructions on expected formats and examples - see downloads below.
The data export facility allows you to back up your data as often as you need anywhere you want including iCloud drive, if enabled.
The data reset function wipes your data from the device. Ideal if you want to give away your phone but export them first because there is no undo.
Import template for women: RemeasureImportTemplateW
Import template for men: RemeasureImportTemplateM


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