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There are three size categories for body frame: small-boned, medium-boned and large-boned.

The size is determined using a person’s wrist circumference in relation to their height. For example, a woman with 5' 5 in (165.1 cm) height and 6 in (15.2 cm) wrist would fall into the medium-boned category. Please note that for men, the elbow breadth is needed instead of wrist circumference if his height is less than or equal to 5'5" (165.1 cm).

You can also determine your body frame by wrapping your thumb and forefinger around the smallest part of your wrist. Your estimated body frame is small if fingers overlap, medium if fingers touch, or large if fingers don't touch.

The app automatically calculates your body frame based on your wrist circumference and height.

Table for female body frames 
<5.5 <14.0 small small small
5.5 14.0 medium small small
5.625 14.3 medium small small
5.75 14.6 medium small small
5.875 14.9 large small small
6.0 15.2 large medium small
6.125 15.6 large medium small
6.25 15.9 large medium medium
6.375 16.2 large large medium
6.5 16.5 large large medium
>6.5 >16.5 large large large

Table for male body frames 
<5.5 <14.0 small
5.5 14.0 small
5.625 14.3 small
5.75 14.6 small
5.875 15 small
6.0 15.3 small
6.125 15.6 small
6.25 15.9 small
6.375 16.2 small
6.5 16.5 medium
6.625 16.9 medium
6.75 17.2 medium
6.875 17.5 medium
7.0 17.8 medium
7.125 18.1 medium
7.25 18.5 medium
7.375 18.8 medium
7.5 19.1 medium
>7.5 >19 large


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